By peoplestaff225
Updated May 23, 2007 02:43 AM

After we wrote about Baby Fabulous’ appearance at Jayneoni’sBoom Boom Room last winter, the company was nice enough to send my daughterCatie her own personalized Namein Brights blanket and I have to say, we adore it.

The gorgeous blanket is made of a super-soft plush chenille “swirl”fabric that you want to wrap yourself in. The backing, as well as the hand-appliquédname is made of a striped cotton print. At36” x 48” it is a great size. In fact, we took it to CentralPark this weekend and laid it out on the grass so we had a niceplace to sit and eat our snack.

Though some might balk at the price ($178), this blanket willeasily give you your money’s worth since there’s nothing about it that ateenager or adult won’t love. A timeless piece, the Namein Brights blanket would make a great gift.

Celebrities who own personalized Namein Brights blankets include Gwen Stefani, Brad Pitt and AngelinaJolie, Gwyneth Paltrow, Patrick Dempsey, Reese Witherspoon and KateWinslet. Other celebrities who werepresent at Jayneoni’s Boom Boom Room were gifted or placed orders fortheir own Namein Brights blanket.

The Namein Brights blanket is machine washable and shipping is free on all orders. To order your own, check out