Baby 6: Top Ten Celebrity Babies Born in 2006

It seems like Hollywood babies are born everyday and although theyare all very special to their parents, only a few are born into instantcelebrity. For these babies, their birth and eventual life among thefellow rich and famous is filled with constant harassment andspeculation from the paparazzi, an instant role as a fashion icon, aswell as automatic placement in the hearts of the public.

With this in mind, the Celebrity Baby Blog presents to you, over the next 10 days, our Top Ten Celebrity Babies Born in 2006…

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Baby #6 is David Banda Ritchie. David’s actual was in 2005, but his Gotcha/Adoption Day was in 2006.

David’s adoption in October incited national media attention and political debates, including the petitioning of Malawian civil rights activists, who tried to block David’s adoption and are still fighting to have the adoption process ended. Should Madonna, an international pop star and her husband, film director Guy Ritchie,be allowed to take a poverty-stricken African boy and raise him astheir own? Controversy ensued following comments from David’sbiological father, Yohane Banda, who actually broke the story telling the world that his son David was being adopted by the pop phenom, after much speculation and many denials from her PR camp. He later stated that he didn’t know Madonna would keep David with her. We think it’s very important to note that this was after the Ritchies offered to financially provide for the tyke if his father wanted to raise him himself in Malawi but he wasn’t interested.

Despite the drama, David resides with his new family, splitting his time between the U.S. and London and learning what it means to be the son of the Material Girl.

He joins big sister Lourdes Leon, 10, and Rocco Ritchie, 6.

Who are babies #6-10? Click to find out!

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