It seems like Hollywood babies are born everyday and although theyare all very special to their parents, only a few are born into instantcelebrity. For these babies, their birth and eventual life among thefellow rich and famous is filled with constant harassment andspeculation from the paparazzi, an instant role as a fashion icon, aswell as automatic placement in the hearts of the public.

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The Celebrity Baby Blog’s #4 Celebrity Baby Born this year is Dannielynn Hope Marshall Stern.

Arriving on September 7 in the Bahamas, Dannielynn was born into aworld of confusion and controversy. Rumored to have been named Hannah,Dannielynn’s name was created in reverence to her brother Daniel who died threedays after her birth, in her mother Anna Nicole Smith‘s hospital room. Daniel’s death,although ruled accidental due to a drug mix-up is still somewhat of amystery.

Confusion over Anna’s lack of a relationship at the time of her pregnancy has led to a paternity battle that is still going on. Though he proclaimed that he was the father of the baby during the pregnancy, Anna later announced that her ex-boyfriend Larry Birkhead was not Dannielynn’s father. Instead, she insists that Dannielynn’s biological father is her longtime lawyer, close friend, and apparent lover Howard K. Stern. Larry is fighting for paternity of her as well as parental rights concerning Dannielynn, who he claims is his daughter. He has even had his lawyers try to force Anna to come back to the United States and submit to paternity tests, but Anna has so far fought it at every step (although she has since returned stateside).

Dannielynn’s first cover story occurred at 3-weeks-old at her parents unofficial wedding/commitment ceremony in People magazine. That’s not including her actual c-section birth, which is available for viewing on You Tube (of course). She was later seen again in an ET interview,where Anna premiered exclusive insight into Dannielynn’s birth andDaniel’s death, as well as her developing relationship with Howard.