Baby 2: Top Celebrity Babies Born in 2006

It seems like Hollywood babies are born everyday and although they are all very special to their parents, only a few are born into instant celebrity. For these babies, their birth and eventual life among the fellow rich and famous is filled with constant harassment and speculation from the paparazzi, an instant role as a fashion icon, as well as automatic placement in the hearts of the public.

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The Celebrity Baby Blog #2 celebrity baby born in 2006 is Suri Cruise.

Suri entered the world on April 18th, amid tabloid speculation, paparazzi flutter, and Scientology conspiracy theories. Born the first child of formerly B-list actress Katie Holmes and mega star Tom Cruise, Suri solidified a relationship that many believed to have been a creatively orchestrated publicity stunt. As if her actual conception and birth didn’t incite enough of a riot of mystery and hysteria within the mass media, questions began to arise over Suri’s actual existence. Had Katie really been pregnant? Did the couple fake her pregnancy and adopt? Was Suri real? If she’s real, where hadn’t we seen her in public or in People magazine? The "Where is Suri" saga erupted, leading many of the couple’s celebrity friends to "testify" on their behalf and confirm that not only was Suri real, but that they had seen the little girl and that she was "just beautiful."

Only hours before the world’s very first introduction to Suri in a much publicized issue of Vanity Fair, newly inducted CBS Evening News anchor Katie Couric presented some of the exclusive photos on air, proving that Suri Cruise did in fact exist and that she looks like both of her parents (who, coincidentally, resemble each other), dispelling many disbelievers’ doubts about Tom’s paternity. During the now famous interview and photo shoot, Katie reportedly shared with the editor why she and Tom had waited so long to show baby Suri to the world, saying that the two planned to present Suri to the world, when they were ready. Suri again went into hiding, only making her second official public appearance as her parents arrived in Europe, preparing to legitimize their union in a celebrity-packed Italian wedding.

Although we are all happy to see that her parents now seem to have embraced the public appearance of their daughter, like on the return from their honeymoon, if Suri does disappear again, we’ll always have her artistic impressions in addition to her sweet Annie Leibovitz portraits.

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