Baby Nest: Comfy wrap-style carrier without all the wrapping

Have you always wanted to try a wrap carrier but been scared off by what looked like an entire bolt of fabric? Well then perhaps you need to try out a Baby Nest Carrier. These unique carriers offer all the benefits and comfort of the wrap carriers, without all of the "wrapping."

When I first started out in my journey to learn about babywearing, many people recommended wrap carriers to me. They swore that nothing was comfier for mom and baby. I was determined to give it a try but looking at the yards and yards of fabric that many wrap carrier systems were comprised of, I was a little unsure of how exactly I would manage. I did eventually try and love wrap carriers, but never loved the work involved in getting the baby in and out of the carrier. There had to be an easier way!

Apparently there is. I only wish I’d found Baby Nest Carriers sooner. Popular with celebs, these carriers were recently selected to be part of the Jewels and Pinstripes 2008 Celebrity BUMP bag and will be received by Jennifer Lopez, Jessica Alba and Cate Blanchett. The system is super easy to use and lives up to the level of comfort promised.

The learning curve with these is anything but steep. If you can put on a t-shirt and fasten a belt, you can do this! Putting the carrier on is as simple as putting the two loops over your head and then sticking your arms between them so they form an x across your chest. Next you position your baby in front of you (for the basic position) and put on a wide belt to secure him/her in place. Viola! Instant bonding. Your hands are free and your baby is soothed by the closeness. And you can pat yourself on back for having mastered the art of baby wearing in mere moments. Go mommy!

Once you have mastered this basic position, you can try all five variations — each is easy to accomplish. Click through to see photos of the Baby Nest worn with baby riding on the hip, back and more. No matter how you wear the baby, spreading the fabric out across your back and shoulders allows you to comfortably distribute the baby’s weight across your body. This is the magical secret that makes wrap style carriers so comfortable and earns them all the positive press. Rest assured that your baby will also be comfortable in this carrier, thanks to the soft, stretchy, high-quality European fabric. I should also note that the fabric washes well and wears even better. The Baby Nest is suitable for infants from birth to 35 lbs.

Baby Nest carriers are particularly useful to wear when nursing a newborn as they provide extra support and ease of positioning. The Baby Nest folds up into its own pouch when you are not using it, so it is easy to bring along in your diaper bag. Choose from five colors when you buy your Baby Nest Carrier on the company’s site.

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