Baby Kaed Sanya Diaper Bag: As they say, it's in the bag

by CBB Guest Reviewer: Christina

I am one of those women who love bags, I could comfortably say, without exaggeration, that I own over fifty purses, handbags, or whatever you chose to call them. Of those, Lesportsac made at least 15 of them. I loved this brand because its practical design (which included so many pockets and always the little zipper pouch) along a great variety of colorful prints. I just assumed that when I became a Mom I would get a Lesportsac baby bag. Then I looked around at what was out there. I saw that there were other options that still meshed with my style.

I have been enjoying my Baby Kaed Sayna Bag ($118), in black with fuchsia trim, since the arrival of my daughter. The material itself is lightweight and strong, and the quilted stitching reinforces the material making it even more durable. Its plethora of pockets, pouches, and compartments, helps to keep me very organized. With all the things I bring in this bag, for Sofia and myself, organization is very important, so that I am able to find everything when I need it.

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Allow me to walk you through all the pockets and the uses I have designated for them. I use the front two flaps pockets, with magnetic snaps, for keys, lip balm and tissues. The larger pocket behind it stores my belongings, such as: wallet, checkbook, make-up bag, and sunglasses. In the main compartment, it’s all Sofia. She has her diapers and wipes (of course) in the back larger two pockets. In the three smaller pockets she has diaper cream, regular body cream, lip balm, a comb, hospital masks (in case someone has a cold they have to wear one near her) and wash clothes. I definitely use the pacifier purse clipped to the key clip! It saves me in the car when I need to quickly locate the pacifier, when she is fussy before sleep takes over. I carry a thermometer and nasal aspirator in the other zippered bag, because well you never know when you need them. I bring a change of clothes in the large drawstring pouch.

This bag has been a lifesaver! I can attest to the fact that it really is effective at keeping the wet contents away from the other belongings. The changing pad is easy to wipe, and made of the same great patterned material as the rest of the interior of the bag. It draws complements from friends, mommies and non-mommies alike. With all of this I still have room for an extra sweater or blanket and a small toy. Along the back on the bag there is a long pocket, where I keep letters to be mailed, and inside there is an even smaller cell phone pocket. I never leave the house without the Baby Kaed Sayna Bag, and I am confident that I have all I need in one great looking bag!

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