Looks like little Lachlan loves what he hears

By Kelli Bender
Updated September 04, 2014 01:25 PM

Shortly after adorable baby Lachlan was born, he was diagnosed with moderate to severe hearing loss.

Thankfully, medicine and technology are at a place where congenital hearing loss doesn’t mean a life without the voices of loved ones. At 7 weeks old, Lachlan received his first hearing aid, and – lucky for us – his parents filmed the magic moment when the device was turned on.

In the video, Lachlan is fitted with the hearing aid by his family, an ear-poking act that makes the baby a bit fussy. But the cries subside almost instantly once the device starts working. Lachlan’s eyes light up and a sweet smile crosses his face as he takes in his parents’ voices for the first time.

Lachlan’s father recently uploaded the video to YouTube, along with more good news.

“His reaction when they were turned on was truly amazing. We cried from happiness,” he wrote on the video’s page. “Our beautiful little boy is now two years old and doing remarkably well.”

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