Baby Greens organic clothing: a cute way to help your baby take care of the planet

Baby Greens onesies and tees are an adorable and responsible choice for your baby. These cute clothes are made with organic cotton and water-based inks that use a hand-printing process, and best of all beautiful graphics. What makes Baby Greens so special, as if the eco-friendly aspects weren’t enough, is the graphics- bold, colorful designs with their inspiration taken from world cultures and nature. The four motifs, "nami" (wave), "surya" (sun), "koru" (the genesis of life) and my favorite, "kaze san" (sun and wind), are inspired by Maori, Japanese and Mehndi designs. As Baby Greens says, “each bold & bright design is inspired by cultural representations of nature, further connecting people with the environment.” And they do give you that feeling. Each design is filled with life and beauty.

Baby Greens offers a simple way to be eco-friendly and stylish at the same time. Plus with the variations created by the hand printing process, it’s like buying a little piece of art for your baby to wear. Starting our babies on the right track at an early age is our best bet for protecting our planet and our futures, not to mention theirs. And it’s always nice to have a truly appealing way to be environmentally responsible. The graphics look even better on than they do in the pictures. Though it’s still a little big, Graedy does feel like a dashing little environmentalist in his "koru" tee (shown at left is the onesie version). He looks cool too.

Baby Greens offers onesies in sizes 3-6mos, 6-12mos, 12-18mos and lap tees in 18-24 mo. Lap tees are on sale for 14.99 through Jan 15. They are available at

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