I just got word from Baby Gap that their newest line, a spring preview, is available online. They’re calling it "The Fine Print" and it’s chock full of polka dots, madras, stripes and even cherries. It’s so cute I almost can’t stand it.

My favorite toddler girl ensemble is called "Do the Polka" and it consists of an adorable, grass green with white polka-dots dress ($30) and navy blue leggings ($13) with simple sandals.

Girls aren’t the only ones having all the fun this season though, my favorite toddler boy outfit is called "Madras Moment." A layered, sea-worthy outfit that features madras-print shorts ($30) paired with two layered shirts (a polo and a long-sleeve tee, both $15) and a denim jacket ($35).

Infants can get in on the action, too with adorable and trendy spring prints. Almost makes me wish it was March and not the middle of winter! Check out the entire "The Fine Print" collection from Baby Gap by clicking on these links — Infant Girl, Toddler Girl, Infant Boy, Toddler Boy.

Happy Shopping!