Update: Giveaway: Win Baby Emi Jewelry!

Update: The winners are:

  • Kathleen, from Bradenton, FL, whose child doesn’t own any jewelry yet
  • Gabriela, from Arlington, VA, who told us, "I have a charm bracelet with a teddy bear for my son, and a pink heart for my daughter. My daughter loves jewelry & has gold teddy bear earrings with a pearl dangling."
  • Karin, from Toronto, who told us, "my daughter has 4 things – two bracelets (one gold / black one from India that she received as a gift, and a sterling silver bracelet that we got for her), and two
    necklaces (a gold cross on a chain that used to be mine when I was little, and a set of tiny, tiny pearls that were her great-grandmother’s when she was little)."
  • Susanne, from Port Royal, SC, who told us, "My daughter has a sweet necklace she received when she was born!"


Baby Emi Jewelry makes the celebration of a new life sweeter than ever with their personalized baby bracelets and Cambodian Jingle Bell Anklets. Celebs like Kevin James, Christina Aguilera, Halle Berry, Jennifer Garner, and Kelly Ripa own some Baby Emi Glam! Baby Emi Jewelry offers over 45 gorgeous personalized baby bracelets to choose from. And each is handcrafted with careful attention to detail and safety while keeping style and durability in mind.


Baby Emi Jewelry’s Cambodian Jingle Bell Anklets offers parents a sense of safety and security by allowing them to hear their baby’s movements and whereabouts. Historically, Cambodian mommies adorned the ankles of their children to ward off any bad spirits. For the modern mommy, this is a practical must-have item for a peace of mind. The Cambodian Jingle Bells Anklet is made from sterling silver, is adjustable, and available in 5 different sizes for baby or mommy.

Enter to win one of 4 Baby Emi Jewelry products of your choice (valued up to $40 each)! Visit BabyEmiJewelry.com to find the answer to this question: What is Baby Emi Jewelry’s slogan and do you own any baby jewelry, if so what is it? Email your answer AND mailing address to celebritybabyblog @ gmail.com.Make sure you put "Baby Emi Jewelry" in the subject line in order for your entryto be counted. Giveaway closes Wednesday, December 5 at 9 am EST. (For giveaway terms & conditions, click here.)

CBB Deal: Enter promo code CCB10 to receive 10% off on your entire order at http://www.BabyEmiJewely.com. Offer expires December 31.

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