"She just really brought me up to speed on a lot of things that she feels like her friends would love to read about," he tells PEOPLE

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Updated March 26, 2015 07:30 PM
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Tyrese Gibson daughter Shayla book series

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Goodbye burnouts, hello books. Tyrese Gibson is putting the pen to paper with a new series and a very special little co-author: his daughter, Shayla.

The Furious 7 star, 36, sure knows how to race a sports car and be an R&B superstar, but when it comes to the basics of growing up, he’s expecting his 7-year-old daughter to raise the bar.

“She just really brought me up to speed on a lot of things that she feels like her friends would love to read about, so we wrote six books together and I’m getting all of the artwork done on it now,” Gibson tells PEOPLE.

He continues, “[The books are] about bullying, faith, sharing, being courteous and nice.”

And what’s a book series without your own publishing company?

“The name of my publishing company is called Gibson and Gibson Publishing, and she’s the other Gibson,” explains the actor, who just reunited with the cast of his cult classic film Baby Boy on Unsung Hollywood, which has its encore presentation Thursday on TV One at 10 p.m.

Following in the footsteps of her father — who dominates when it comes to rapping and is the author of the New York Times bestseller, How to Get Out of Your Own Way — Shayla is hot on the vocals and already reading on her own.

“[She sings and] she reads to herself every night — I don’t have to read to her anymore,” says Gibson. “I’m just sitting there basically holding the book.”

But balancing life in the fast lane of the entertainment industry with being a father of one is tougher than it seems. Gibson’s solution? Creating a compound.

“I have a full office and recording studio in my backyard, so I spend a lot of time at home,” he shares. “I even have a restaurant in my backyard.”

— Nicole Sands