I’d like to introduce you to the lightest, easiest to set up travel crib that exists.

Perfect for frequent travelers, parents looking for a travel crib that folds up small and doesn’t weigh a lot or if your baby has outgrown a standard Pack N Play, the Baby Bjorn Travel Crib Light ($280) is one of the easiest to assemble on the market.


Weighing just 11 pounds, the Travel Crib Light sets up in mere seconds and was created for newborns up to children three years old. The price is on the steep side, but it’s definitely worth it if you can afford it. Once you remove the crib from the small suitcase-sized case you simply unfold it once, pop the legs into their joints and place the mattress inside. Baby Bjorn makes a fitted sheet you can purchase separately, but I found that my generic travel crib sheet fit just fine.

The fabric and mesh interior is both soft and cozy, and although the crib sits on the floor it’s practically impossible to tip over due to the angled support legs. In fact, I had both my 15-month-old twins in the crib at once leaning over one side with all their weight and it stayed upright, without even wobbling. They loved it instantly, had plenty of room and even ‘helped’ me set it up and take it down.

The Travel Crib Light is definitely a high quality product that’s worth the money. And because it’s so small, I won’t have a problem fitting it into my car even with another crib, the double stroller, suitcases and other gear.

— Sarah S.