Baby Beltz: Keep your pants on!

My little guy has a narrow waist. If I don’t have the exact sizing right, his pants fall down! This recently happened when we were up at my inlaws. The jeans he was wearing had one of those adjustable buttons with elastic (which promptly broke when I tried to tighten the waist). My father-in-law rigged up something with a safety pin, but I kept wishing I had a belt for my kid!

Enter South Florida mom Katie Safriet and her business Baby Beltz. She had the same problem I did, her baby son’s pants kept falling down also. So, she created her own belts for little ones – and it turned into a successful business! Katie sent me the boyz rocker stud belt with a D-Ring buckle that easily held my son’s jeans up. This belt was recently featured in Pregnancy & Newborn Magazine in a story about the Rock Star Baby. Since we aren’t really toilet training yet, the belt worked wonderfully and was so cute! And his pants didn’t fall down (yeah!!). Each belt retails for $18 and comes in sizes 0- 6 months, 6-12 months, 12- 24 months, 2- 4 years and 4 -6 years.

Choose from several types of buckles: Nickel d-rings, rhinestone buckles, velcro adjustable buckles, and military buckles. You can choose boy, girl or unisex styles. In the girls’ styles, I really liked the girlz mod coco belt, girlz lady bug belt and the girlz polka dot belt. The boys styles that I thought rocked, were the boyz biker flame belt, boyz skull belt (pictured above), and the boyz football belt (which most dads will love). There are also several unisex choices and a really cool custom baby beltz option – pick your buckle, describe that you want as a pattern and they will custom make it for you. And the cost is only $25, $7 more than a regular belt. I think its a bargain!!


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