By peoplestaff225
Updated November 08, 2008 07:00 PM

Being both a preschool teacher and a mom, I get excited about kid’s music, especially music that caters to both the parent and the child. Listening to nursery rhymes all day is enough to make me go crazy so I couldn’t wait to give Babies Go CDs a try. Marketed as "soothing for children and nostalgic to parents," the songs are all instrumental, with a melodic, chime-like sound.

I highly recommend any of the classical artists, like Bach and Vivaldi. The Beatles, Coldplay, and Elton John were all CDs that I enjoyed, as well. The instrumental translations were calming and I enjoyed listening to them as I went about my day and my daughter really seemed to enjoy it. They are great to play during naptime and other quiet times.

Another CD I really enjoyed was the Babies Go Christmas. They are chime-like instrumental versions of Christmas classics, such as White Christmas, It Came Upon a Midnight Clear and Silver Bells. This CD will definitely be put into my holiday CD rotation!

All CDs sell for $17 on the BabiesGo website, but are available for around $11 on other sites.

— Melanie

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