Though the price of this beautiful wrap is low ($40CAD), the performance certainly isn’t! Made of 100% cotton, the AzureWrap comes in a variety of fun and fashionable colors. The cotton jersey doesn’t have a lot of give, so it’s a bit more finicky at first since you have to know exactly how tightly to wrap it. Once you figure it out, though, there’s no worry about the AzureWrap loosening as you wear it, so baby can stay nice and snug for hours. I love the addition of a pocket at the front of the wrap, too! Pretty patterned fabric with an elasticized top stretches out to hold whatever you want to put in there — diapers, keys, snacks — and it doesn’t seem to bother baby in the least. While you’re on the AzureWraps site, you can also take a look at their great new cloth diapering system, AppleCheeks.

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