Ayesha Curry on Starting a Family at a Young Age: 'I Had to Make a Lot of Decisions'

Ayesha and Stephen Curry share son Canon W. Jack, 2, plus daughters Ryan Carson, 5, and Riley, 8 

Ayesha Curry Instagram
Ayesha Curry and her children. Photo: Wardell Curry/Ayesha Curry Instagram

Ayesha Curry is reflecting on the challenges of becoming a mom in her early 20s.

In this week's podcast episode of Skimm'd From The Couch, the cookbook author, 32, opened up about her experience getting married and starting a family at a young age and how it was difficult to figure out her career in the midst of raising her children.

The mom of three, who married NBA star Stephen Curry in 2011, said it's "always felt right" to tie the knot so young, but it forced her to "make a lot of decisions."

"What I started to realize was I was becoming this woman at such a young age when other people would still potentially be in college or just figuring out who they want to be," she explained.

"I was getting married and having kids and it got to a point when I was like, I've spent my whole life since I was a little girl attempting to play these other people and auditioning to be these other people that I don't even know what I like or who I am because I've spent my whole life, trying to figure out how to be somebody else," Curry said.

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The Food Network star said she had a "long conversation" with her mom, mother-in-law and husband and expressed that she wanted to "take some time" to "take a breath for a second and figure out who I am."

"It was a very emotional decision," she recalled. "And I did it shortly after that and found out we were having a baby, which wasn't in the plans quite yet."

While Curry, who shares son Canon W. Jack, 2, plus daughters Ryan Carson, 5, and Riley, 8, with her husband, said she "thoroughly enjoyed being a mom," she still had hopes of doing more.

"I always had this feeling of like, I think that there's a double duty that I could be playing here as I was like, I have hopes and dreams for myself and there's gotta be a way to do both," she said. "I felt this weird bug, like this entrepreneurial bug."

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Curry then began a blog to share her recipes, which she said started to "grow and grow and grow."

"And it kind of became my career very naturally and organically. And my husband was like, 'Hey, I think you can do this.' I was very scared and frightened and gently dove in and now it's become a whole career, which I love," she added.

In September, Curry spoke with PEOPLE about how she and her family had been staying busy amid the coronavirus pandemic.

As the couple's two daughters "officially started school" this past fall, Ayesha said that she and her husband were "in the thick of it" as far as figuring out homeschooling techniques.

"My oldest is pretty disciplined so that's been easy, but our 5-year-old has a little trouble staying engaged for an extended period of time," explained the Family Food Fight host.

One thing the pair found that works for Ryan "is to do some kind of physical activity right before class starts to focus the mind and get some of the wiggles out, and periodic 'dance breaks' between lessons."

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