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December 16, 2006 02:12 PM

Click to read the story. Please be aware that it’s very sad and tragic.

Update: New details have come out in the tragic death of baby Leonardo Legrand.

– The area Kerry was jogging in is known for its high incidence of child abduction – perhaps the reason Kerry’s first thought of her missing son was a kidnapping.

– In her hurry to answer the phone, Kerry forgot to put the brake on the stroller.

-There was no splash when the stroller hit the river due to the kikuyu grass along the edge — it had grown so thick that it went into the water’s edge and muffled the noise.

– Police have confirmed that there were no signs of postpartum depression, disharmony in the marriage, or a third person involved. This was simply a horrible accident, a combination of a moment turned away, an unfastened brake, and an incline down to the water.

– The event was re-enacted five times after extensively interviewing Kerry. Says a senior crime official,


Originally posted Friday, December 15th: Australian model/triathlete Kerry Lucas‘ son drowned this morning in Adelaide’s River Torrens after a tragic accident.

While out jogging with five month old Leonardo, Kerry stopped to answer her cell phone and write a number on her leg; when she looked up, the jogging stroller and her baby were gone. A frantic and hysterical Kerry waved down people passing by and told them that her baby had been kidnapped.

Journalist Jessica Adamson was first on the scene:

Unfortunately 20 minutes later, the stroller with the baby was found submerged in water 500 metres from where Kerry was last seen. Police and ambulance officers spent 25 minutes reviving little Leonardo, but he later died in intensive care. Police have not ruled out the possibility of foul play, and were looking into allegations that a third party may be involved.

Source: Sydney Morning Herald