Australian athlete and hurdler Jana Pittman has announced that she is 12 weeks pregnant with her first child. It seems that March was a busy month for Jana and her husband and coach, Chris Rawlinson. They managed to marry and conceive a child, while Jana also had her braces taken off and triumphed in the Commonwealth Games.

Rawlinson said that Jana and himself were "over the moon when we found out…she was crying on the phone when she told me. I thought at first something else had happened."

Rawlinson also added that: "We had started trying anyway so I can’t really pin-point the date [but the doctor put it] somewhere around our wedding day."

The baby is due in December. Jana is then planning to be back in form for the World Championships in Japan next August and then after wards, the Beijing Olympics.

Many have disagreed with Jana and her husband’s decision to have a child, but they say that "it was a long-term goal of both myself and Jana that we would try for a child during the 2006 Commonwealth Games with hopes of Jana giving birth in late 2006. Our timing was so there would be no disruption to her long-term athletics goals of winning the 2007 world champs and the 2008 Olympics."

Jana added that "Chris said he wants a boy and I really want a girl, so one of us is going to be really happy, but it doesn’t matter as long as it is healthy."

The couple had their first ultrasound on Monday: "The little thing just wouldn’t sit still and was already kicking its legs. The legs are already really long, so it looks like a hurdler in the making."

CBB reader Raye notes that Jana is quite well known for her off the field fights with other competitors. Let’s hope that she takes it easy during her pregnancy!

Picture source: The Daily Telegraph

Thanks to CBB readers Raye, Anna May, and Angela.