Australian Shannon Noll and family in Woman's Day


Australian Idol runner-up and now successful music artist, Shannon Noll, 32, and wife Rochelle, 33, open up their home and family to Australian magazine Woman’s Day just before Christmas. The couple previously lived in the country town of Condobolin and moved to the city to pursue Shannon’s career after Idol. Together they have three children, Cody, 6, Blake, 5, and Sienna, 14 months. For non-Australians who don’t know much about Shannon, check out some of his music on YouTube — it’s a mix of pop and country.

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The couple headed back to Condobolin for Christmas and they looked forward to spending time together as a family.

S: I’ve got a love affair with going back. It takes me back to when we lived there and it always smells like home. My brothers and I will be doing a gig at the motor inn and I’ll take the boys out to catch yabbies.
R: I love seeing the kids’ faces when they get together with their cousins.


Shannon and Rochelle say that the special thing about Christmas is keeping the traditions alive.

We help the kids put out milk and cookies for Santa just like we did when we were growing up. Mum cooks this fantastic pork basted with brandy and brown sugar. I also love her sloppy peas made form dried split peas soaked overnight. I eat it on toast for days after wards.

The couple have said that the success of Shannon’s career has let them indulge their children a little more. However, even with money, they say you are sometimes stuck on what to buy.

S: It’s funny but when you can’t afford anything you’ve got so many things you want but when you can afford it you can’t think of anything to buy.
R: The boys have wanted Nintendos for a couple of years but we’ve always resisted because we believe they should be playing outdoors — but they’re active kids so we’ll probably get them. As for Sienna I’ve gone a bit mad with baby dolls and prams. I was thinking of buying Shannon a massage chair, and I’d love some sparkly diamond earrings — did you hear that Shannon?


Rochelle and Shannon say that the boys are beautiful with Sienna and it makes them think of having another child.

S: They’re beautiful with her. When she was only three months old she was in her car seat and then sun was shining in her eyes so Cody put his hand over her face to shade her. They always help her down the stairs and give her kisses. As for a fourth, I wouldn’t mind. We make pretty good kids.
R: Last weekend we were at the beach and the boys were carrying Sienna up the sand dunes and sliding her down on their boogie boards. Some days I want another one and some days I don’t. I’m only 33, so I’m still young enough. They reckon you don’t notice a fourth.


Shannon jokes that Sienna is like her mother.

She’s a real terror. She’s like her mother – a little bit bossy and a control freak.

The family says that the structure of raising their children is the same as they were raised, except for their kids are lucky in a lot of other ways as well.

The family structure is pretty much the fame but the circumstances are different. We try to keep in mind how lucky they are, but then I never felt like I did without when I was a kid. I do want them to have a sense of country life, so if everything is going well down the track, I’ll buy some land and have some cattle. In the meantime I’m going to get some chickens  some silky bantams – for our garden in Sydney.


The couple says that while they will have some time apart this month, they will celebrate coming back together with a holiday to Fiji in March.

I’m going to the US for most of January. I’ll miss the kids’ school holidays, which is a shame, but it’s an exciting opportunity. I’m an ambassador for the G’Day USA Australia Music Week in New York, and I’ll be performing with Bindi Irwin (daughter of the late Crocodile Hunter, Steve Irwin). I’ve also got gigs in LA and Las Vegas, including an Internet show where people can go vote for songs they want me to sing. In March we’re going away to Fiji as a family and then I’m doing an Australian tour in April.

Source: Woman’s Day, Dec 24, 2007. p. 4-6.
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