Kate Ogg emotionally reminds us about the importance of hugging the ones you love

By Alexandra Zaslow
Updated March 13, 2015 05:55 PM

Kate Ogg knows the power of a hug – it’s what brought her newborn son back to life.

After three years of trying to have a baby with her husband, David, they finally found out they were going to have twins.

But excitement turned to fear in 2010 when she went into labor at just 26 weeks, Kate explained in a video released by Johnson’s Baby.

When the twins were born, the couple from Sydney, Australia, noticed a change in the room’s dynamics.

After telling the doctor that they decided to go with the name Jamie for their son, they were told that newborn Jamie didn’t make it – a diagnosis Kate refused to accept.

Kate immediately grabbed the baby, wrapped him up and made David get undressed.

“I wanted as much body heat as possible because the baby was cold and I wanted him to be warm and alive,” Kate said.

The three of them lay there for two hours holding Jamie close to Kate’s heart, so his ear could hear her heart beating, according to TODAY. During that time they spoke lovingly to the baby, telling him that he had a twin sister named Emily he had to look out for and that they had big plans for him and his life.

“We never let go of him, his skin was against mine for the entire time,” Kate said in the video.

They were bawling their eyes out when Jamie suddenly start to move. They called the nurses back in and shared the good news, but they told the Oggs that their newborn son was dying and they had to say goodbye.

They were wrong.

“It was the most astounding and amazing thing that had ever happened,” Kate said.

From then on, Kate and David have hardly stopped touching their kids. It’s what saved Jamie’s life, after all.

“Sometimes when I hug them I think I’m hugging them a bit too tight because I know how close I came to not having children,” Kate said.

The Oggs later welcomed another son, Charlie – and Kate is grateful for every snuggle from her kids.

“Sometimes they’ll sit next to me and just start patting my back or someone will stroke my hair and I’m just thinking, this is bliss,” Kate said. “I’m so lucky.”