By peoplestaff225
Updated November 02, 2007 08:41 AM

The husband of Australian marathon runner Kerryn McCann, Greg McCann has revealed how he was shattered and broke down after telling his colleagues of his wife’s cancer. Since she was diagnosed, Greg has not returned to work as a coal miner and has instead chose to spend time with his wife and three children; Benton, 10, Josie, 4, and Cooper, six weeks.

Greg said that the episode at work was one of the hardest things he had been through — pondering the future of his family.

Kerryn says that at first she was not immediately worried about the possibility of the lump she found being cancer — but why would they stress a pregnant woman?

Kerryn had surgery at 31 weeks and was induced three weeks later. Cooper was born on September 5th and given steroids to boost his lungs. Kerryn has described her guilt she feels over the situation.

Kerryn chose to have her baby and not commence chemotherapy until after the birth. This is the reason he was born early — so Kerryn’s treatment could begin.