September 19, 2016 03:30 PM

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Between delivery challenges, breastfeeding pain and sleepless nights, Audrina Patridge hasn’t sugarcoated how difficult motherhood can be.

But for the former reality star, parenthood came naturally — and every hurdle has been worth it for her daughter Kirra Max, now 12 weeks old.

“Every day I look at her and I can’t believe she’s mine. I can’t believe we made this,” Patridge, 31, tells PEOPLE exclusively. “And she’s changing every week. Now she’s smiling all the time and making ‘goo’s and ‘gah’s.

“She’s so cute. It melts my heart,” adds the former star of The Hills and current lifestyle blogger at

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“I get teary-eyed because I’m so happy,” says Patridge of her first child, whose fiancé is Australian pro BMX dirt bike rider Corey Bohan.

“She’s like a little angel. It’s the best thing ever,” she adds. “She’s a really, really good baby. We’re lucky. I’ve spent every minute with her, I’m always with her. I think that helps a lot.”

Kirra may have just arrived, but the new mom is already excited about the prospect of growing her family.

“Definitely!” she tells PEOPLE of wanting more kids. “Hopefully a boy. If we get a girl it’s perfect. Two girls I would be excited, and [then] we’d probably try for a boy.”

But for now, Patridge is content focusing on her little girl, sharing, “I just want to go places and show her the world and watch her experience things for the first time. Like taking her to the beach and putting her toes in the sand. She’ll probably have an Australian accent!”

Speaking of her Aussie fiancé, Patridge makes it clear she lucked out in the daddy department with Bohan.

“I knew Corey was going to be a good dad because he’s good with his nieces and nephews and
mine too. That was a no-brainer,” she says. “He just looks at her with such love in his eyes. He’s such a good dad.”

The balance of duties in the new parents’ household has Mama on feeding patrol while Daddy handles diaper duty.

“He’ll wake up and change her diaper in the middle of the night or bounce her and let me sleep for an extra two to three hours,” Patridge says. “He was on diaper patrol the first four days. I didn’t change one diaper.”

Patridge shares with PEOPLE that the happy couple have a date set for their wedding after putting planning on hold.

“Now that [Kirra]’s born, we have a routine and a schedule and I know what she wants and what her cries mean,” she says.

“Now it’s crunch time,” Patridge adds. “It will be the end of this year. Kirra’s definitely going to be in the wedding. I want her to be involved somehow.”

Their upcoming marriage has new meaning for the couple, who have known each other for almost a decade now.

“It’s family. It’s connecting all the dots and bringing it all together,” she explains of their nuptials. “We both came to a decision where we’re like we’re giving this 100 percent now. No more being gone all the time. And we’re both ready for it.”

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Jen Juneau with reporting by Aili Nahas

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