September 15, 2015 06:00 PM

For Modern Family‘s Aubrey Anderson-Emmons, picking the day’s outfit rides on one major criterion: Can she play in it?

The 8-year-old actress — who plays Lily Tucker-Pritchett on the hit show — and costume designer Pamela Withers Chilton (who’s worked on the ABC series) have paired up with British clothing store Boden as brand ambassadors for their kids line, Mini Boden.

“I’m not really girly, actually,” says Anderson-Emmons. “I like to do zip lines, go on roller coasters, and play with snakes. That’s why I like Mini Boden. I could play in these clothes all day.”

Courtesy of Mini Boden

Anderson-Emmons says comfort is key when it comes to her style, but admits that if she could, she’d wear pajamas all day.

“My favorite things to wear are pajamas because I like to be really comfortable,” she says.

The star does, however, have a favorite among the Mini Boden looks she modeled — a dress with a dog print.

“I love this dress and I like to twirl around a lot because I like to play and dance,” she says. “I love Mini Boden because they have really comfortable shoes, including these bunny slippers, which are my favorite.”

Courtesy of Mini Boden

Designer Chilton says she chose to partner with Boden because the kids line helps her “tell a story and create characters” onscreen.

“They are a go-to when you want to add texture, a little whimsy, bright colors and just a layer of fun,” she says.

Courtesy of Mini Boden

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