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Updated October 28, 2005 01:00 PM

Actress Rachel Griffiths and husband artist Andrew Taylor are slowly settling in to life with two kids under the age of two.

"I think nothing can prepare for you for how tired you are," says Rachel. Rachel gave birth to her daughter Adelaide Rose in June and has a two year old son Banjo.

Rachel suffered no morning sickness with either of her two pregnancies, and while Banjo’s labor took five hours, Adelaide was in a rush and was delivered after 75 minutes. Rachel practised pre-natal yoga and is lucky enough to be back to her pre-baby size.

While the couple have just bought a house in LA (where the photo shoot took place) they have already made a decision to return to Australia when Banjo is ready to start school, "It’s unfair on little children to travel back and forth. I do like LA … but we miss our family and friends desperately. And I miss our relationship with the beach. I can’t wait to see Banjo in his little Nippers hat and I hope Adelaide will be one of those gorgeous strapping lifesaving girls on the northern beaches [in Sydney]." Rachel admits that while she and Andrew are hands on she isn’t ashamed to admit that they have a nanny, "I know some women don’t like to admit the even have nannies, but I’ve learned a tremendous amount from mine."

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Source: The Australian Women’s Weekly, November 2005, pages 22 to 28