Ashton Shepherd On Her Protective Son

It takes a little while for some performers to adjust to being behind the camera, but for country singer Ashton Shepherd, it was her 3-year-old son James who had the problem! James is “a little jealous and protective,” explains Ashton, describing a time her makeup artist, Neil, came by to prepare her for a photoshoot. “Neil says, ‘Okay, I’m gonna work on your eyebrows’ [and starts fixing them]. And James looked at him and he was like, ‘Stop it!’ He started crying. He did not like him being near Mama or doing anything to Mama.” No worries though, as James is “over that now.”

“He actually walks around now and if he does something on my hair, he says he’s being like Neil. So he knows about it now. He’s not so afraid of anything.”

It makes sense that James has changed his opinion, as Ashton has been on the road for the past year. Raising one child while on tour can be difficult, never mind two, but Ashton believes that she could handle it if she became pregnant again soon. “My personal take on it is, I already have one child that I take on the road and that I manage. The Good Lord’s blessed me with being able to do that, and if [husband Roland Cunningham and I] were to have another child, I’d just look at it as a blessing.”

No matter which way you look at it, the 22-year-old has some concerns. “The thing about it is, you could so easily say, ‘Well, is this the right time or is this gonna be hard on me?’ And a part of me thinks it’s such a blessing to get to have children, ’cause there’s so many people who can’t, that I feel guilty to plan around it, if that makes sense. I feel guilty to go, ‘What do I have going on in the next three months? What’s gonna be going on next year?” Ashton does know that no matter what “you want to be smart” when you are thinking of having a baby.

“You don’t want to have a child at a time when you are extra, extra busy… I would be worried about the safety of my child and being pregnant and being under stress. So, you have to weigh those things.”

However, the “Sounds So Good” singer doesn’t think having another baby “would be a hard thing, because I’ve already got the most busy-body little thing that’s ever graced two feet. He’s never still, he’s completely rambunctious.” She adds, “I look at him at three and think, ‘I thought it was harder when he was littler. But I don’t really know which one was harder. Because he’s so busy and into everything now … and from birth to a year old, you feed ’em, you change ’em and all that. But they can’t get up and do anything either!”

Source: Country Weekly

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