Ashley Iaconetti Says Jared Haibon Is Getting 'Sperm Analysis' After 6 Months of Trying to Conceive

The reality stars revealed earlier this year that they had begun their journey to parenthood

Jared Haibon and Ashley Iaconetti
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Ashley Iaconetti is getting candid about her journey to conceive a baby with husband Jared Haibon.

The Bachelor in Paradise alum, 33, posted a lengthy message on Instagram Monday, telling her followers that the couple has now been trying to conceive for six months.

"A couple months ago, I was saying I would start feeling worried if I wasn't pregnant by June. This month was annoying, because I ovulated five days earlier than expected and we pretty much missed my fertile window," she wrote. "I haven't had an irregular month in YEARS. I don't know whether it was the stress of moving into our apartment or what."

She added that, after speaking to her OB/GYN a few weeks ago, she feels reassured about her own fertility. However, Haibon, 32, will be undergoing a "sperm analysis" this week to look into possible issues.

"One in three couples who are experiencing fertility problems are so because of sperm quality," she explained. "Checking your guy's *junk* is quick and non-invasive."

The reality star also dispelled any thoughts that she and Haibon are "struggling to conceive."

"That description is for couples actively trying for a year. I knew when I decided to be open about this chapter of our lives that I put a public timer on how long it would take for us to get pregnant," she admitted. "You usually don't know how long people have been trying to conceive once they announce their pregnancy on the gram and that makes it feel like people get pregnant like that!"

Ashley Iaconetti/Instagram
Ashley Iaconetti/Instagram

She concluded that she doesn't regret sharing her journey, despite some negative comments that have been thrown her way.

"I love the dialogue it's created with some of my followers and I think it's important to normalize that a lot of people don't get pregnant right away," she concluded.

Iaconetti and Haibon, who tied the knot in August 2019, revealed in February that they were trying to conceive their first child together. Haibon shared the news on an episode of Click Bait with Bachelor Nation podcast.

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"We're actually in the 'trying' phase," he told hosts Tayshia Adams, Joe Amabile and Natasha Parker. "... We're gonna try and let the chips fall where they may. Because, you know, we've been told it could — who knows how long it could take."

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When asked by Adams whether he wanted a boy or a girl first, Haibon admitted that the thought of having a girl had been on his mind.

"Honestly it doesn't matter. I'd love to have both a boy and a girl," Haibon said. "Now having a girl dog [named Lois] — this is weird — but, like, now I really want a girl because having a girl dog, she's so dainty and delicate. It's like Daddy's little girl, and I'm like I kinda want this in a human now."

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