Ashley Graham on the Transition to Being a Mom of 3: 'Full-Time Job'

Ashley Graham shares her three sons, 4-month-old twins Malachi and Roman and 2-year-old son Isaac, with husband Justin Ervin

Ashley Graham
Photo: Ashley Graham/Instagram

Ashley Graham is embracing her new role as a mother of three.

Aside from her supermodel status, Graham has made a name for herself through her vulnerability with her followers, whether opening up about body image or her journey to self-love. Now with three kids at home –– she and husband Justin Ervin welcomed twin sons Roman and Malachi in January –– she's once again sharing her experiences with the world, this time about motherhood.

"I feel so blessed and so honored to have the fanbase that I do," she tells PEOPLE exclusively. "I feel like it's the right thing to do to share a part of me and what I've had to go through –— with either breastfeeding, or pregnancy and postpartum hair loss, whatever it may be."

Graham, 34, recently opened up on Instagram about the process of learning to breastfeed both her twin boys at the same time, saying it took "lots of tears" to get the position down.

It was "overwhelming" learning to breastfeed again, especially with two babies, she says. While it was pretty easy to pick up nursing with her firstborn son Isaac, 2 –– "it only took me a day or two," she says –– it took much longer with twins.

"I feel grateful that I had a lactation nurse, who was also my Doula, work with me and she was so calm, and kind and patient with me, and really helped me perfect it," Graham says. "It took me a good three weeks to really, really get there."

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Social media has been a place for Graham to find a sense of community when it comes to everyday motherhood struggles. She also credits her impressive fanbase –– 18 million Instagram followers –– for giving her "mom hacks."

Both her wireless breast pump and the pillow she uses to breastfeed both twins at the same time came from recommendations in her DMs. "I've learned a lot through them and I'm really thankful for them," she says.

It's small tricks of the trade she picks up on that ease the weight on the supermodel's shoulders after a long day. Sometimes, she says, the day feels long before it's even noon.

"Having three kids under 3 is quite a full-time job," she says. "Just 6 a.m. to 9 a.m. is already a full day."

As Graham begins transitioning back to work, she says she's "taking it easy." Though she's always been particular about what brands and companies she works with, the model says she's "picking and choosing" even more carefully now. "I don't want to feel overwhelmed rushing back into work."

When it comes to winding down, there's one thing Graham says she can always rely on to bring her peace. "I put my phone down," she shares. "It's one of the best things I could ever do for myself."

Being present and in the moment calms her, she explains. Even in the midst of the chaos of her three young kids, putting her phone in another room helps her to relax. "It just feels good."

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