The Challenge star Ashley Cain raised more than $2.2 million for his daughter's potential treatment, which will now go toward her funeral and funds to fight childhood cancer
Ashley Cain's daughter dies
Credit: Ashley Cain/Instagram

Ashley Cain is starting a charity in his late daughter Azaylia's name after she died of leukemia at 8 months old.

The Challenge star, 30, is using part of the more than $2.2 million raised for his baby girl's treatment to lay her to rest and the remainder of the funds will be going toward fighting childhood cancer.

"After days of emotional yet careful consideration we have decided that, firstly, we would like to use some to give Azaylia a magical and deserving send off - something that we believe you would all want to be a part of," he and girlfriend Safiyya Vorajee wrote on Saturday in a post on their GoFundMe page.

"Secondly, we will use the remaining money to help other children through a new charity we are setting up in Azaylia's name," they continued. "She has guided us throughout this process and it only feels right that we continue to use the platform we built together to help those in similar situations."

The grieving parents thanked everyone who donated and showed their support, noting that the money needed for Azaylia's potential treatment in Singapore was raised in the first 24 hours. "That money can sadly no longer be used to help Azaylia but we want to make sure it is used positively - and in Azaylia's name," Cain and Vorajee wrote.

Ashley Cain and Safiyya Vorajee
Ashley Cain
| Credit: ashley cain/instagram

Cain and Vorajee announced baby Azaylia's death on April 25 after the child's battle with acute myeloid leukemia (AML), which she was diagnosed with at 8 weeks old.

In February, the family was informed that Azaylia's AML had returned after she underwent a stem-cell transplantation. Last month, Cain announced that Azaylia had "days to live," after doctors found cancerous tumors throughout her body.

"What we saw during our time fighting this monster has changed us forever and we will spend the rest of our lives spreading Azaylia's message of hope and strength to all those who need it," Cain and Vorajee wrote on Saturday. "We will ensure she lives on until the day we are able to hold her again in paradise."

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Cain previously opened up about the heartbreaking experience of having to plan his daughter's funeral. "I always dreaded the first time I'd have to plan a funeral. But I never thought it would be my own child's funeral," he wrote on his Instagram Story.

"Nothing could ever have prepared me for this. Some days it breaks me and I can't even bare to do it," Cain continued. "I always thought I was thought, but making decisions on how I'm going to bury my baby is enough to bring me to my knees every single time."