Ashley Cain's 8-month-old daughter, Azaylia Diamond, was recently given days to live after doctors discovered that her leukemia had worsened

Ashley Cain's 8-month-old daughter, Azaylia Diamond, was taken to the hospital on "short notice" Wednesday due to issues with her nasogastric tube, according to The Challenge star.

In a video on his Instagram Stories, Cain — who shares Azaylia with girlfriend Safiyya Vorajee — spoke about his baby girl's latest roadblock in her struggle with leukemia, telling fans, "We just had to come back to the hospital now."

"When we were testing Azaylia's tube, her NG tube, it's not coming back with the correct pH [balance]," he explained. "That means we can't feed her down her tube. We can't put medication down her tube, so that means we've got a problem."

Ashley Cain
Credit: ashley cain/instagram

Cain said that doctors cannot give Azaylia another NG tube at the moment because "her platelet levels are so low" and they might risk cutting into a tumor in her body, which may "cause her to bleed out."

"We're back at the hospital for an X-ray now to check if the tube's in the right place and if it's not, clear a passage for a new tube because it's urgent she gets her food and medication," the U.K. reality star said. "The are no easy days on this journey, trust me."

The dad ended his video by panning his camera to Azaylia in her car seat, telling his daughter, "Let's go, champ."

Vorajee also gave fans an update from her hospital on her Instagram Stories, sharing that Azaylia will likely "need another platelet transfusion" as well.

Ashley Cain
Credit: ashley cain/instagram
Ashley Cain
Credit: ashley cain/instagram

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Earlier this month, Cain and Vorajee revealed that doctors had found cancerous tumors throughout Azaylia's body, giving her just days to live.

Given that Azaylia could no longer undergo CAR T-cell therapy and her current chemotherapy "is not working," the parents decided to take their child home from the hospital to "give her the best rest of her life that we can give her," Cain previously explained on his Instagram.

Last week, Azaylia was rushed to the emergency room for an emergency platelet transfusion in an effort to stop her bleeding from her eyes and nose. Shortly after she was discharged, Azaylia was taken back to the hospital when her heart rate had skyrocketed above 200 beats per minute.

At the time, Cain called the ordeal a roller coaster of emotions.

Ashley Cain
Ashley Cain and Safiyya Vorajee with their daughter Azaylia Diamond
| Credit: Safiyya Vorajee/instagram

Still, the Ex on the Beach alum has kept up his spirits up for the sake of his daughter.

On Friday, he posted several photos of himself snuggling with Azaylia in bed, writing on his Instagram, "Don't count the days, make the days count."

"Truth be told, there's not so much playtime right now but we make up for it with naps and lots of snuggles/ Pretty much anything that makes her the happiest and most settled," he continued, adding that "wherever she is I'm not far away."

"I think that's where we both feel most comfortable," Cain wrote. "Truly blessed for another day with you baby, keep surprising us!"