'The Challenge' 's Ashley Cain Says Baby Daughter Has 'Days to Live' After Discovery of Cancerous Tumors

"We're going back home and we're gonna try and make our baby as comfortable as possible," Ashley Cain shared in a heartbreaking update

The Challenge's Ashley Cain has released a heartbreaking update about his infant daughter Azaylia Diamond's health one month after announcing that her leukemia had returned.

In an emotional Instagram video on Thursday, the reality star, 30, revealed the devastating news that doctors have found cancerous tumors throughout his baby girl's body. Azaylia will be 8 months old on Saturday.

According to Cain, who shares Azaylia with Safiyya Vorajee, their daughter's current chemotherapy "is not working" and plans to take her to Singapore for CAR T-cell therapy are no longer feasible given the discovery of the tumors.

"Last week, we had the bone marrow test and the lumber puncture and bloods taken to send to Singapore in the hope that they could create a CAR-T therapy to save Azaylia's life," he began. "Then, we had to have a CT scan on her head and the results came back the next day, saying that Azaylia's got two very big tumors ... on her brain."

Cain explained that "the intrathecal treatment that is usually given to treat leukemia in the spine or the brain will not be available" due to "too much pressure" in her head.

Ashley Cain
Ashley Cain and daughter Azaylia. Ashley Cain/instagram

"If they tried to even go through the spinal tap it would kill her," he continued, adding that consultants told him at the time that "they think she's only got one, two days to live — and it could even be that night."

Though doctors initially spoke to Cain about "potential options of radiotherapy to target the tumors in her head," another CT scan that showed tumors in Azaylia's stomach, spleen, lungs and kidneys made further treatment difficult.

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"And the chemotherapy is not working," Cain shared, choking back tears. "Her disease is that aggressive that nothing they are doing ... is working."

"She's one in a trillion, but unfortunately so is her disease," he continued, explaining that doctors in Singapore "can't create a CAR-T for her leukemia" given the circumstances.

"So, that means we're going back home. We're going back home and we're gonna try and make our baby as comfortable as possible," Cain said. "We're gonna be strong, and we're gonna go out with honor."

"She's had a tough, tough life. From eight weeks old she'd been in hospital having chemotherapy, operations, transplants. And I feel like for the last part of her life, I just want to take her home, see her like a baby and give her the best rest of her life that we can give her."

In an Instagram post of her own, Vorajee called the update on Azaylia's condition "the saddest news of my life" and explained that the CAR T-cell treatment in Singapore was "was our last, our only and our final option to save Azaylia."

"So we will be now returning home with our beautiful baby to give her the best possible time left that we can," she wrote alongside a photo with Cain and their child.

Ashley Cain
Ashley Cain and Safiyya Vorajee with their daughter Azaylia Diamond. Safiyya Vorajee/instagram

"I am so proud of my baby girl she has been fighting for so so long, and doesn't deserve this to happen to her!" Vorajee added. "there isn't enough words out there to describe the heartache & pain I'm feeling but I'm incredibly honoured to have become a mummy to my precious girl❤️."

Cain first shared news of Azaylia's leukemia diagnosis in October, revealing that she has "a very rare and aggressive form" of cancer.

In February, he said the family was "urgently informed that Azaylia's leukemia had returned" moments before she was due to leave the hospital after a stem cell transplantation.

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