Ashlee Simpson-Wentz on Her Son: He's 'the Best Part of Everything' I Do

There’s no convincing Ashlee Simpson-Wentz that greener pastures await her later in life.

“It’s always, ‘Thirties is the ideal age.’ Then, ‘No, it’s 40s!’ I guess I don’t have an ideal age. I like to live in the moment,” she reveals in the October issue of Redbook.

While the 24-year-old singer/actress may not spend time ruminating on her age, she recognizes that life has been that much more special since giving birth to her first child last year.

“It’s kind of fun because I have a child and I’m at a place where I get to reboot and do something new,” she notes.

“Your 20s are a great time to explore and a great time to have a baby. [My son] is the best part of everything.”

Relishing her new role as a mother, Ashlee and her husband Pete Wentz have happily settled into a familiar routine since the birth of Bronx Mowgli, now 9 ½ months.

Fortunately for the couple, the transition into first-time parenthood was particularly smooth — a result, Ashlee says, of the nine months of pregnancy.

“The great thing about being pregnant is…it really does prepare you,” she explains. “Your body is changing and it’s an amazing time to feel that connection.”

According to the proud mama, feel that connection between mother and child she did! Counting herself among the “lucky” ones, Ashlee has only fond memories of both her pregnancy and delivery.

“I didn’t mind at all,” she admits. “I think being pregnant is so beautiful. I had the best pregnancy and I loved giving birth. It was just the most amazing thing, so surreal but so real.”

In fact, she cites the nine-month span as one of her peak periods of physical fitness.

“Being pregnant was the healthiest I’ve ever been in my life. Except for the cupcakes.”

Click below for another photo, Ashlee’s thoughts on Pete as a dad and whether or not she’d like a big family.


The addition of baby Bronx has forced the Melrose Place star to see her family — including Pete — in an entirely new light. “[Pete] is a great dad. So sweet and loving,” Ashlee boasts.

And while she had little doubt he would step up to the plate as an excellent father, Ashlee can’t help but take in each moment the father-son duo spend together.

“When you see the dad with your son, it’s a whole new side of them. Just beautiful.”

Similar to her relationship with Pete, Ashlee’s bond with her own parents has equally blossomed since becoming a mother.

“We were always close, but as you get older, and when you go through something like a pregnancy, you think, ‘Oh, my parents are wonderful!’ she says.

“[My mom has] always been such a great mom, and now she’s a great grandmother! Bronx loves her.”

As for her older sister Jessica — who once considered Ashlee and her friends “just the little sisters” — becoming an aunt has set off her biological clock! “She’s always saying, ‘Oh, I want a baby!'” Ashlee reports.

Although she may have beaten her older sister to motherhood, Ashlee wholeheartedly believes the cards will eventually fall into place.

“Being a mom’s so empowering and incredible. I’m one of those people who believes that life brings things to you at a certain time for a certain reason, and if you just go with it, that’s where the best moments come from.”

Despite being intent on enjoying each moment in life as they present themselves, Ashlee can’t help but look forward to what her future will bring. “I’d like to be an awesome mom,” she shares.

“I’d like to have a big old family.”

Source: Redbook; October issue

— Anya

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