Baby Bling with Ali Wing: Jennifer Aniston — If She Were Pregnant

As the most talked about mother-to-be who’s not yet a mother (or even “to-be,” as far as we know), I thought it would be fun to beat the crowds to the punch and muse a mini-me for Jennifer Aniston.

For Jennifer, dressing up is all about the little black dress and dressing down is about levis, tank tops and flip flops. Her matching golden hair and golden skin are almost an art form. And of course, let’s not forget about the hair cut. Bottom line, consistency is key. Why mess with perfection?


We can all agree that Jennifer is no Madonna. She knows her style, and is sticking to it. So, if I were Jennifer’s baby girl, what would I wear? Well, first and foremost, very good hair. But for clothing, I’d start with simple, perhaps boot cut for flair, and tees or tee-dresses, but simple, classic cottons for sure.


A couple of my favorites are the Leaf Dress (left) and Chrysanthemum Top (right). Stepping out might involve an A-line skirt (corduroy perhaps) and I’d bet on V-neck or cardigan sweaters like you can find in J. Crew’s children’s line No patent-leather or taffeta here, but subtle style with a classic predictability.

As for the father of her baby, hmmmm…perhaps that will prove Jennifer’s big surprise.

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