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Update: Olivia Claire arrived on her due date at 4:45 pm! She weighed in at 7 lbs, 6 oz.

Congrats to Diane and family.

Originally posted September 4th: As the co-anchor of Inside Edition Weekend, Diane McInerney is used to reporting on everything from global tragedies to personal triumphs. Now, she has the greatest news to report; the imminent birth of her second daughter, due September 5th.

There’s a lot happening in your life right now.
Yes! I’m due with my second child in just a few days. I just went on maternity leave from Inside Edition, where I’ve been working as both the co-anchor for the weekend edition and a correspondent for the daily edition. Physically, I feel fine, but I’m almost completely effaced. The doctor said that unless I want to have the baby in the back of a cab, I have to stop working!

We also bought our house a few months back. We gutted the entire place, which was a huge undertaking. And then I got pregnant, so Project #2 came along! It’s been hectic, but I can’t complain. I have a wonderful boss and I also have an excellent support system of family and friends who help me.

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What does your job entail?
There’s so much more to the job than what people see. I am out in the field doing stories and interviews, and I’m also writing the wraps for the show. Depending on the story, there might be a producer in the studio writing the story and I’m out in the field doing the interview.

How do you distance yourself from the tragic stories?
It’s very difficult. I can’t walk into someone’s home, report on their lives, and then walk away and not be impacted by it all. One of the stories that really affected me was the story of the little flower girl in Long Island whose family had been hit by a drunk driver and the girl was killed. I interviewed the family, and the family and I both cried during the interview. And I cried on the way back to the station. Those are the stories that you wish you would never have to report.

Is there a difference now that you have your daughter, Ava, 3, in terms of your reporting?
I think that having children has given me greater empathy when I cover stories, especially ones that involve children and family tragedies.

What is it that you love the most about reporting?
I think it’s being in the front row seat in the game of Life. You can tell someone else’s story and live vicariously through that. I will always be a reporter. I just love it.

How has it been being pregnant on the air?
During the first trimester and part of the second, I was just sick all day long. But I never let it stop me from working; I just pushed through it. I ate crackers and it helped. You feel that you don’t have that same energy level, but you have to find it.

It’s also interesting to watch your body change right before your eyes, even from one show to the next. Everyone tells me that I look great, and then I show them all my TiVo-ed episodes, and they can see earlier shows compared with the newer ones. Once they see the Before and After, they say, “Oh, yeah, you have gotten a lot bigger!”

Have you had any odd pregnancy cravings?
Recently, I was craving candy corn, of all things! I sent my husband, Edward, out to get some, and he came back with a big bag of it. You would think I would have eaten a few, but I ate the whole bag in one sitting! And for a while, I was eating hummus and pita all the time, even for breakfast.

What has been Ava’s reaction to the pregnancy?
She’s so excited about her baby sister! She wants her to come out right now so she can play with her! I’ve been making sure to spend lots of extra special time with Ava before the baby comes. We do a lot of baking together; our family really loves desserts!

How have you prepared for the baby?
The first thing we did was to move Ava into a big girl bed. We also got her the book, I’m Going To Be A Big Sister, by Brenda Bercun. She’s excited about her new role helping Mommy change the baby’s diapers.

When do you plan to return to Inside Edition?
The plan is to tape part of my weekend show from the hospital room after I give birth! As long as there’s a hair and makeup person there, I’m fine with it! Then, I will go back to work in January.

In the meantime, I cannot wait to have this little baby! I am just so in love with her, and she’s not even here yet. I want to spend all my time with my family and enjoy every moment.

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