Oops! Armie Hammer Reveals the Sex of His Second Child: 'I'm In So Much Trouble'

Armie Hammer slipped that he won't be the only man in the house once his second child arrives

Armie Hammer just dropped the hammer on keeping his baby’s sex under wraps.

The actor, 30, is expecting his second child with his wife Elizabeth Chambers some time next year — and the dad-to-be slipped that he will no longer be outnumbered by his wife and 22-month-old daughter Harper Grace.

Hammer started out okay in his interview with Jimmy Kimmel on Jimmy Kimmel Live! Thursday and simply said, “We have another child on the way.”

But when it came to answering Kimmel’s question about the baby’s sex, Hammer made it pretty clear that a boy is on the way.

“I do know,” he says about the sex of his unborn child. “You can find out now at nine weeks, which is really bizarre. They do a blood test. It’s crazy. They test if there’s hormones in there. They go, ‘Oh, you’ve got testosterone — so you’ve either got balls or you’re having a baby boy.’ ”

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And when he was asked about potential baby names, some curious boy names came to mind.

“We’re thinking Jack,” Hammer jokes, adding the suggestion, “Michael Charles, and he can just go by M.C.”

“Are you really thinking about that?” Kimmel asks.

“I think I just gave away our baby name?” Armie suddenly says. “I’m in so much trouble!”

“It could be a girl named Michael,” Kimmel says. “There are occasionally girls named Michael — not Michael Charles — but it could definitely be a Michael.”

“I’m going to get several phone calls from several people about this,” Hammer adds. “I’m glad this is the only talk show with an open bar attached.”

As for some other surprises in the Hammer household? Baby Harper’s fashion sense.

“Now she has an opinion,” Hammer says. “You’ll put shoes on her and she’ll go, ‘No.’ ”

Hammer also says his fashion-forward toddler is getting excited to be a big sister.

“She loves it,” he says. “I mean, she seems to love it now. If you go, ‘Where’s the baby?’ she’ll rub Mama’s belly and kiss her stomach. It’s really cute.”

But Hammer knows bringing home a newborn won’t be easy for his little girl.

“I think when the new baby comes out, it’s going to be a serious adjustment period,” he says.

For Hammer, he and his wife are “just kind of going with it” when it comes to parenting.

“I don’t know if our daughter’s easy or if we’ve just been winging it the right way, but we haven’t had too much of a plan and it’s all kind of gone all right,” he says.

“I guess the only reason we’re all here is because raising babies works. I think people — especially new parents, at least I did — underestimate the resilience of human survivalism. Like, this thing is going to survive. That’s the only reason it’s here.”

— Blake Bakkila

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