Aracely Arambula talks about being a new mom, giving birth, and having more children


In the latest issue of People en Espanol, Mexican actress, model, and singer Aracely Arambula, 33, finally opened up about her past relationship with singer Luis Miguel, 38, and her new life as a mother to their 17-month-old toddler, Miguelito. Aracely — who has led a more private life in the last three years — insisted that she doesn’t want to "miss a single moment" in her son’s life and for now is staying out of the lime-light and "enjoying this new facet as a mom."

Aracely admitted that she relished her role as a pregnant woman and knowing that she would never "have this belly again," fully enjoyed the time to "massage it, hug it, and sing to it." Shared Aracely,

I used to say: It’s unique, it’s the belly [that holds] my son.

Unlike many women who are facing childbirth for the first time, Aracely was not a bit nervous. Instead, the actress was actually excited for the celebration and recalls being "really happy on the day he was born, like it was a party." In fact, she enjoyed it so much that she is — eventually — ready to do it again.

If you ask me: ‘Would you do this all over again?’  I would be thrilled to.  I would love for my son to have someone to play and share with.  He will have this company when the time is right.

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Now, after the much speculated break-up between Luis Miguel and Aracely, the actress says that she is "very happy, better than ever" and "can’t ask God for more." Her motivation these days? Her son, Miguelito, who Aracely says has a smile that "recharges me with energy to keep fighting." She continued,

I have work, I have love, I have my family.  I have it all.

Aracely — who recognizes that she could not possibly sacrifice the time with Miguelito to return to her days on soap operas — will instead focus on incorporating her son and her newfound experience as a mother into her work choices. Her upcoming television project, titled Viva la familia!, will have Aracely sharing tales from motherhood while making viewers’ dreams come true. The show is set to air on Univision this summer.

Source: People en Espanol; cover courtesy People en Espanol

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