November 01, 2004 08:34 PM

APRIL – 10 boys, 11 girlsRupert Penry-Jones (actor) & Dervla Kirwan – daughter Florence (no birthdate announced)Joe Nemechek (racecar driver) & Andrea Nemechek – daughter Kennedy Grace on the 5thMichael Park (actor) & Laurie Park – daughter Annabelle Jayne on the 5thKelly Packard (actress) & Darren Privett – daughter Aubrey Lin on the 6thRebecca Gibney (actress) & Richard Bell – son Zachary Edison on the 6thDebra Messing (actress) & Daniel Zelman – son Roman Walker on the 7thMichael Gelman (tv personality) & Laurie Hibberd – daughter Misha on the 10thRachel Campos (tv personality) & Sean Duffy – daughter Lucia Belen on the 11thPeter DeLuise (actor) & Anne Marie Loder – son Jake Dominick on the 11thRebecca Herbst (actress) & Michael Saucedo – daughter Ella Baily on the 12thJayson Williams (basketball player) & Tanya Williams – daughter Whizdom J. on the 13thSherry Stringfield (actress) & Larry Joseph – son Milo on the 14thMarcia Gay Harden (actress) & Thaddeus Scheel – twin son Hudson Harden and daughter Julitta Dee on the 22ndCate Blanchett (actress) & Andrew Upton – son Roman Robert on the 23rdSophie Ellis-Bextor (singer) & Richard Jones – son Sonny on the 23rdDar Williams (singer) & Michael Robinson – son Stephen Gray on the 24thHolly Marie Combs (actress) & David Donoho – son Finley Arthur on the 26thMartie Maguire (musician) & Gareth Maguire – twin daughters Eva Ruth & Kathleen Emilie on the 27thThomas Gibson (actor) & Cristina Gibson – daughter Agatha Marie on the 28th

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