Anya, 16 weeks old!

The Celebrity Baby Blog’s own Anya will be 16 weeks on Friday. Man, the last 2 months have really flown by!

She took her first airplane ride to Los Angeles to go to Jayneoni’s Boom Boom Room and we’re getting ready to go to Holland with 24 other bloggers (including her daddy, Josh of The Food Section) in two weeks.

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"Let’s Hug It Out" tee courtesy of Kiddie Kouture.

As you’ll see in the photos, Anya is actively smiling now. All I have to do is look at her and smile or talk to her and she’ll break out into a huge smile. It makes my heart melt. She has laughed a few times too. The first time was when we were in LA and she has done it a few more times. She will also now hold onto a toy if you put it in her hand. And as soon as you put it in her hand, she shoves it in her mouth. She also talks a lot. I wake up every morning to hear her talking really loudly.

I started a mother’s group in my neighborhood so if it the site is quiet on a Thursday afternoon, it’s because we’re either at another mom’s house or they’re at our place. Last week we had 9 other moms and babies! Anya has a new best friend named Catie and a boyfriend named Xavier. They don’t really do much together yet – though Catie does like to lick her and other babies.

Other than the weekly mother’s group and monthly La Leche meeting, I try to take her out for a walk every day. I’ve discovered a Dunkin Donuts that is a mile away- the perfect distance for a walk. I have a weakness for their flavored coffee- especially since they can customize a cup of half caf/half decaf with a flavor shot. Josh just converted the Bugaboo pram into the seat so tomorrow will be our first walk in her new big girl stroller configuration. I’m sure she’ll love it because she loves to look at everything. She is extremely observant and social.

I think I hear her waking up to nurse so I better go. (She’s quite an eater- she’s over 16 pounds now!) Enjoy the photos!

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