Anya update: 27 months old

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Anya steers our friend’s pontoon boat in Miami.


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Anya’s vocabulary has really exploded in the last month and she talks much more in general. It’s really hilarious. I am pretty good at interpreting her Anya-speak but sometimes I just have no idea. I’ll repeat the word I think she’s saying, and she’ll say, "noooo," and repeat the word very patiently. Besides knowing animal names and sounds, she knows colors, shapes and can even count to three ("one, two, three, one…"). She thinks she can spell too- when she sees words, she’ll point to the letters as she spells them out, "A O E O." Everything is pronounced as either "cool" or "eh cute!" Unfortunately, she’s also picked up a bad word but luckily she says "oh hit." At first it really cracked us up, but now we try not to laugh so she won’t be encouraged. She knows our names too (I’m "dee-ell" and Josh is "Dosh") and even our parents. It cracks me up that she calls my mother "Gamma Marcia" even though my mother is the only grandparent who calls herself Grandma.

Often, she’ll just start singing, "mama, dada, ayuh" or announce "Mama I yuw yoo!" (which is Anya-speak for I love you). Oh, and happy birthday is "happy yoo yoo." She loves to tickle and when she does it, she squeals, "tickooooo." When we tickle her, she says, "That tittles Ayuh." When she gets hurt, she says, "That huts Ayuh."


She’s really into princesses lately and I swear I haven’t done that much to encourage it. It all started, I think, when we started watching a Disney Princess Enchanted Tales DVD a few months ago. So lately, any girly-girl thing is a princess to her: fairies, ballet dancers, etc. When we went to my cousin’s Sweet 16, the only way we were able to convince her to let us put on her dress was to tell her it was a princess dress. She loves dressing up and since visiting Miami, where my friend Sheril dressed her up in her old costume jewelry that she let us take home (thanks Sheril), wants to wear jewelry all the time (thanks Sheril!). When we put on the Princess Katie and Racer Steve CDs, she runs to get her tutu and crown and starts dancing.


She’s amazing at puzzles, Legos and wood blocks. She loves to draw with crayons and chalk, and play with Play-Doh and stickers. She loves tea parties and playing with her kitchen, but when we visit our next door neighbors, she’s really into her friend Thomas’s trains (she does have some at home but isn’t that into them here). She has a tent set up in our living room and often she’ll go in there and say she’s going to


sleep. Lately, she’s obsessed with surprising us (she’ll come to my office door and yell "ahprise" or "it’s me!") as well as closing doors, which is driving me nuts because I know she’s going to inevitably going to get her fingers caught. She has recently gotten attached to one of her small baby dolls, the wisest $3 purchase I ever made, and loves the three Shrek babies we gave her for Hannukah (3 for $10- woo hoo!). She actually prefers the unisex baby Shrek who she calls "baby hek" and insists Josh and I hold "baby boy" and "baby gull" even when we leave the house. In the car, she likes to hold her Blah Blah mermaid, who is also known by the generic "baby."


We recently got her some games which include Zingo, and two from Cranium‘s new Target-only brand Bloom: the Neighborhood Sounds Bingo game and Sandwich Stacker Lunchtime game. Zingo is recommended for 4+ and the two Bloom games for 3+ up but Anya picked up all 3 games pretty easily. She now can identify all of the elements. It’s hard to find games for a not-yet-2.5 year old because a lot of games seem geared towards 3-4+ but we’re trying them and if she doesn’t get it yet, we’ll just put it away for later. She loves the games, especially Zingo and constantly asks to play it. Unfortunately, she gets bored after one game and starts acting like a typical toddler: wants to keep playing but wants to flip the game boards over, putting her chips on our boards, etc. So now we hide the game from her and only take it out occasionally. When we tried to convince her to play one of the Bloom games, she says, "Old game?" One game that was kind of a bust because it’s too easy for her is the Candyland Castle Game. It’s like bingo but extremely simple. It may be time to try the regular Candyland. Can you recommend any other games for bright 2 year olds?


Her favorite books are Madeline and the awesome The Monster at the End of the Book. She’s not as interested in books as she used to be. She just doesn’t want to sit still for very long. Her new television obsession is Max & Ruby, but is also interested in Little Bear and The Backyardigans (thank you to Nickelodeon for making Noggin 24/7!). I am kind of glad she’s out of the Blue’s Clues phase because that show is waaaay too slow for me as not as into Wonder Pets as she used to be. And she’s totally bored with Sesame Street now.


Even though I weaned her at 23 months, she’s still shoving her hand down my shirt, saying, "Mimis!" (our word for nursing or breasts). She also does it to Josh and will unfortunately yell, "Hairy mimis!" when we’re in public. I tell her no, we don’t do that anymore, and she’ll say, "Babies?" (because I had been telling her that babies drink milk from mimis and big girls drink milk from cups). And I say, "yes, and you’re a big girl now" and she’ll say, "Big gull." She seems to associate my boobs with comfort, so we’re trying to get her to move her fixation onto our arms- rubbing them, that is. Her cousin Max used to do that so we hoped it would be comforting for her too. Needless to say, she remains steadfast in preferring to fondle my breasts.


About two weeks ago, we transitioned her into a big girl bed after first converting her crib to a toddler bed (Bratt Decor’s Dick crib and conversion kit). It’s just a twin size mattress on the floor (Natural Mat’s natural latex foam mattress), but it’s full size and has all the trappings of a big girl bed- pillows, pink bedding (Target’s Simply Shabby Chic Blush sheet – the only pink sheets I could manage to find!), and blankets (Pottery Barn Kids’ Matelasse quilt in hot pink and Max Daniel’s twin size Rosebuds & Satin blanket in light pink). I need to get some photos of her in it. It’s so sweet.

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I have A LOT of strollers.

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