August 30, 2011 04:00 PM


Antonio Sabàto, Jr. will make sure his newest bambino, 3-month-old Antonio III, knows his Italian roots — and the language!

“I’m going to speak to him only in Italian,” Sabàto, 39, told PEOPLE Saturday at The Lion King 3D premiere in Hollywood. “I want this one to speak fluently.”

The Rome native reads exclusively Italian books to his son (whose mother is girlfriend Cheryl Moana Marie) and only uses English for lullabies and Barney songs.

Daughter Mina Bree, 9 — who accompanied Sabàto to the event — and son Jack, 17, are also avid students of their father’s Italian lessons.

All three kids have dual citizenship, and Sabàto says he’s eager to get them back to his home country.

“We’re going to go back to Italy very soon,” he shares.

— Lauren Hockenson with reporting by Vanessa Diaz

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