Announcing Celebrity Baby Blog Reviews

Featuring news, commentary and style trends, the Celebrity Baby Blog is the authority for information about celebrity babies and their famous parents. As the only website dedicated to this topic, it draws over 1.3 million unique visitors and 2.6 million page views per month. Our readers look to the products advertised on our site when they want to go shopping. In fact, 69% told us that the Celebrity Baby Blog influences their shopping decisions! Because of this we have decided to launch a new section where we feature reviews of our favorite products.

Launching in the Fall of 2006, our reviews section will feature all the hippest products and latest trends available to moms and moms-to-be. Updated three times a week, you can look forward to our reviews to buy gifts for yourself, pregnant friends and their children.

Attention vendors and inventors:
We are currently accepting submissions for our launch this Fall. In order for your product to be considered for review, you will need to provide the following:

-Anything you would like us to know about the product, including whenit will be available for sale, and anything you would like us to knowabout your shop or line (if applicable).
-Contact information
-Your site’s URL
-Up to three graphics or images you would like us to use in the review (jpeg or gif files only)
-One or two sample products. (Please note that we can not return samples.)
-Celebrity testimony or information about which celebrity moms or children were gifted or seen using your product.

Please note that we cannot guarantee we will review everything we receive.

Send your information to: cbbreviews at

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