Annie Lennox Keeps Private Life Private

Celebrity parents sometimes have a hard time shielding their children from the spotlight and musician Annie Lennox is no different. In a new interview with CNN, she shares that “it hasn’t been too difficult” protecting daughters Lola, 18, and Tali, 15, from the downside of fame. “Part of my work is public, but I make a distinction between that and who I am as a person in private,” notes Annie, adding that “I was very careful that … I wasn’t telling stories to gossip papers, and showing my life and [my children] were gently kept away from that.”

Protecting her daughters is important to Annie, who admits that after having them “my focus went elsewhere.”

“I had my kids and And I think I’ve changed so much through having children … inside myself. It’s been a kind of evolution and a maturity.”

That maturity lead the 54-year-old to form the SING Campaign, a nonprofit initiative to help fight the HIV pandemic in Africa, in 2007. “I understand what it is for a woman to want to protect their children and give them the best they can,” Annie explains. “And so I identify with that.”

Lola and Tali’s father is Uri Fruchtmann.

Source: CNN

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