Annette Bening talks of her children and motherhood

Actress Annette Bening, 48, spoke to Reuters about juggling work and motherhood. She and husband Warren Beatty, 69, have children Kathlyn, 14, Benjamin, 12, Isabel, 9, and Ella Corinne, 6. Here are some excerpts from the interview:

Q: I’d read a story in which Alan Ball — who wrote "American Beauty" in which you played a suburban mom in a bad marriage — said about you, "I think she enjoys playing women who are on the edge because she is so not like that in real life." What are you like at home, as a mom, in real life?

A: "I have my good days and bad days. I’m certainly not a perfect mother, but I am an avid mother, let me put it that way."

Q: What do you and Warren, two big Hollywood stars, do to keep your kids down to earth, if indeed that is possible?

A: "Try to protect their privacy as much as possible and respect their privacy and right to have a private life."

Q: Your children are either in their teens or soon to be teenagers. How is it different being the mother of teenagers versus grade school kids?

A: "Well, you’re the one that’s doing the learning and they are teaching you. You thought you were supposed to be the one who knew, and that’s turned all around. Now they are teaching me everyday about life."

Q: How do you juggle being a working mother with being an "avid mother?"

A: "I’m lucky because I can take long chunks of time when I’m not working, and so many of my friends can’t do that. So, I feel so lucky, so when I do work, I’m very clear with my kids about my work and how much I love it and how important it is. When I do, I really immerse myself in it and they know it will end. It’s a job, and it will have a beginning and an end, and then I’ll be back doing all my normal stuff."

Q: If your kids, collectively, were going to answer this question, what do you think they would say. My mom is…

A: "Oh God, I hate speaking for my children. I never speak for my husband, and I never speak for my children. It’s a rule. Believe me, it is."

Source: Yahoo! News

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