Anne Hathaway Says She's Not Sure About Having a Third Child Yet: 'The World Is Really Scary'

Anne Hathaway also revealed her family's Halloween plans and what her older son thinks she does for a living on Jimmy Kimmel Live! Tuesday

Almost 11 months after welcoming her son Jack, mother of two, Anne Hathaway is considering adding to her family once more — but she's not completely sold on the idea.

The actress opened up about her new movie The Witches and her family of four (which also includes husband Adam Shulman and their older son Jonathan Rosebanks, 4½) on Jimmy Kimmel Live! Tuesday night, touching on her sons' J names after Kimmel pointed out the alliteration.

"Are you angling for me to go for a third and name him Jimmy?" Hathaway, 37, joked after the host told her he and his siblings also all have J names.

In all serious, "I don't know," she said of having another child. "The world is really scary. Some minutes, I'm like, 'Yes, absolutely,' and some minutes the world scares me too much and I think I've got two healthy ones and that feels really great. So I don't really know yet."

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Anne Hathaway
Anne Hathaway. Jimmy Kimmel Live

In the meantime, the Oscar winner is balancing her career with family life — which includes teaming up with Shulman, 39, to keep a little white lie going with Jonathan in terms of what he thinks his mom does for work.

"He knows that Mommy goes to work," Hathaway said. "I recently left to go to do a project and we were getting him ready 'cause I was gonna be gone for a little bit and I was like, 'Okay, so, Mommy's going to work.' And he stopped and he looked me really deep in my eyes and he's like, 'Mommy, are you going to work at the library?' "

She added after Kimmel, 52, asked why he thought that, "Your guess is as good as mine! We went with it and I was like, 'Yes ... yes. Mommy is going to work at the library.' So he thinks I'm a librarian, which is a form of storytelling, so we're just kind of going with that until further notice."

As for whether Jonathan has seen his mom's movies and recognizes her, "I wasn't sure where we were at with that because we showed him Rio recently and he didn't notice that one of the birds sounded like me," she said.

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With Halloween fast approaching, the Ella Enchanted actress and her brood have a "socially distanced plan ... [with a] small group of people." And yes, they will be in costume!

"Jonathan loves the movie Cars, so Adam is gonna dress up as Doc Hudson, Jonathan's gonna be Lightning McQueen," Hathaway said. "And Jack just climbs on everything, so he's gonna be a monkey and I figure I'm gonna hold him the entire time, so I'm gonna be a tree."

And instead of traditional trick-or-treating, "We're gonna hide candy in the backyard," she shared.

The Witches is streaming now on HBO Max.

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