Annabeth Gish talks babywearing and surviving the biggest baby faux-pas ever

It’s the moment every new mom dreads. One week after delivering her son Cash Alexander, 11-months, a stranger asked Annabeth Gish when she was due. Not surprisingly, when asked recently by The Cradle what her not-so-favorite moment of motherhood has been, Annabeth replied "that tops it."

With that awkwardness aside, Annabeth, 36, is loving motherhood — an experience she describes as "transcendent, challenging, and transformative." She also loved pregnancy, something which caught her quite by surprise.

I actually enjoyed being pregnant — I didn’t expect to enjoy pregnancy as much as I did.  And the biggest surprise for me was the respect I earned for my body.  I really got to a place of new respect and gratitude for what the female body can do. 

[And] I never expected that patience would be required on so many levels … Patience with my child, patience with my body, patience with my husband, patience with my clumsiness, with myself.  I knew with motherhood that I’d have to learn how to be patient with my kid, [but there] are so many other levels.

On her favorite baby gear: The pump has been prettycrucial. I will say that I got a lot of diaper bags for gifts, but Istill haven’t found the right one. I can’t seem to find the perfectbag. What I always loved seeing was mothers with their slings and the Baby Bjorn – the carrying things. I really like the Maya, the Moby, and the New Native. I like the Maya the best.

On her favorite maternity clothes: Lucky jeans, theirnon-maternity jeans, was what I lived in. They’ve got a stretch tothem. And their tops were good, too. But there was one dress that Ilived in for dinners, which was made by Olian. And I will say that Ilived in my Juicy sweatpants… Juicy velour sweatpants. My pregnancyuniform!

She also talked to The Cradle about the surprises of and preparing for motherhood, pregnancy food cravings, about the pressures of being a mom in Hollywood, returning to work, Cash’s nursery, and choosing his name. For more of Annabeth’s interview, visit The Cradle.

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