Anna Nicole Smith's ex Larry Birkhead goes to court for custody of Dannie Lynn

In an attempt to seal his title as "Anna Nicole Smith‘s baby daddy," her ex-boyfriend Larry Birkhead is having his lawyer Deborah Opri ask a Los Angeles Superior Court judge for an immediate order for Anna to return to the United States so that a paternity test can be performed. Larry is convinced that Anna’s newborn daughter Dannie Lynn is his. (Anna has been in the Bahamas since her pregnancy.) In addition to the paternity suit filed, his lawyer will also ask that Anna take drug tests. You know what that means. Larry wants custody of Dannie Lynn!

Meanwhile, Anna’s brand new husband/confidante/attorney Howard K. Stern went on the record on Larry King on September 26th stating that he is Anna’s baby’s genetic daddy.

In other Anna Nicole Smith drama news, according to Hollyscoop, Howard either sold or is trying to sell the exclusive photos of their wedding ceremony to the highest bidder. We heard that People bought them for a million dollars but it hasn’t been confirmed. We also hear (via Radar and Hollyscoop) that Anna and Howard weren’t actually married, that their wedding was actually a commitment ceremony.

Source:, Hollyscoop and Radar

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