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Updated October 17, 2008 12:00 PM

Bobby Rachpoot/Pacific Coast News

Pushing Daisies Anna Friel has a budding performer on her hands — three-year-old daughter Gracie Ellen Mary enjoys "eating breakfast in the morning in a princess dress." Gracie deciding to follow Anna and her partner of eight years, actor David Thewlis, into the entertainment field is pretty much a given says Anna, who jokes "We will, with a daddy like David and a mom who’s an actress as well!" While the pair try to keep Gracie "as grounded as possible," she comes to the set and "has the most incredible visual stimulation that any kid could," Anna explains.

Much of that energy is channeled into movement, Anna says. Gracie is "a really wonderful dancer. Her favorite present that I got for her birthday was a long stick with this huge multi-colored ribbon that you can do all these twirls with. It was really spectacular." Putting on a show came early to to her daughter, notes Anna. "Gracie loved Nirvana, when she was really young, and we’ve got her [on video] rocking out in a nappy," Anna shares, adding, "We should put that on YouTube."

As her toddler develops into a preschooler, Anna, 32, continues to be amazed at her growth and progress. Recently, Gracie surprised her mum with "a huge, 20-words-long sentence about how she was feeling and what she did." When asked during the interview about the best part of motherhood, Anna replied,

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