July 16, 2015 06:00 PM

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How exciting is it for your mom to be nominated for an Emmy? For a 2-year-old, the answer is…’Meh.’

At least that was the case for Anna Chlumsky‘s little one, Penelope. The Veep star, who just learned she was nominated for Outstanding Supporting Actress in a Comedy Series Thursday morning — We knew it! — says that despite her own excitement, her toddler was super chill about the whole thing.

When she got the news, “I was in the kitchen cleaning up my daughter from lunch, just getting ready to start the beans that I was putting in the slow cooker for tonight,” Chlumsky, 34, tells PEOPLE.

But then Hollywood came a-calling. “It was funny, I was on the phone taking calls about the news and I looked over and my daughter was doing this thing where she lays down on the floor, just relaxing,” says the actress with a laugh. “Goes to show, whatever’s happening in Mommy’s world doesn’t have to interrupt her leisure time.”

Fortunately Chlumsky is looking forward to reveling in the news with husband Shaun So. “It’s kind of serendipitous that this happened today, because we already have a date night planned,” she says. “The sitter’s coming and we’re going to meet up and go to a restaurant. It will be nice.”

The former My Girl star is up against some stiff competition this year. Out of the seven other actresses nominated, “I’m super stoked that Gaby [Hoffmann]‘s in there! We’ve known each other for a long time and she’s killing it every where she goes,” says Chlumsky. “And Niecy Nash from Getting On! I think that her performance is so beautiful and understated and honest. I just die for her role.”

As for her own work as Amy Brookheimer in the acclaimed political comedy, “I kept calling this season ‘How Amy Got Her Groove Back’,” says Chlumsky. “She kind of gets pushed to the brink and let’s it all out. She was thrilling to play.”

— Janine Rayford Rubenstein

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