Ani DiFranco says daughter Petah is 'such an antidote to the nightly news'

Singer, songwriter, poet and political activist Ani DiFranco says that daughter Petah, 1, is not only responsible for her taking some much-deserved time off in 2007, but also for her new approach to and outlook on life. She says she’s now writing songs based on her "personal joy" and "transformation" — two things that no doubt have much to do with Petah.

The baby and my pregnancy brought me to places that I never knew existed. I’ve been experiencing such great but simple joy. She is just mesmerized by something that sparkles. The baby has been such an antidote to the nightly news.

Although both she and the world have "gone through some changes," Ani, 37, says she’s still quite focused on certain issues, like finding an alternative to fossil fuels.

We can’t keep living like this.  It’s not just because I have a baby. She’s part of it, but it’s important to do the right thing.

Petah is Ani’s first child with music producer Mike Napolitano.


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