By peoplestaff225
June 03, 2009 09:00 AM

Already having declared 5-month-old Emery Hope her “last baby,” Angie Harmon is making the moments last, including those from her pregnancy. An avid fan of Mama Mio skincare line, the actress has nothing but fond memories of using the products — mainly the body oil which “will soften anything” — when she was expecting, giving both Angie and her husband Jason Sehorn some much needed relief! “First of all, you can’t reach everything when you’re pregnant to itch it!” she laughs.

Although past the days of her burgeoning belly, Angie admits she continues to find herself slathering on the same oils and gels. Currently nursing Emery, Angie is hesitant to stop, she says, as the scents bring comfort to her daughter. “Mostly because I know that Emery, when she smells that smell, that that’s what she thinks of mommy, because I’ve smelled like that to her the entire time,” she explains.

To that end, Angie doesn’t stop at her post-pregnancy pampering! With Emery already sleeping through the night, and the nostalgic mama realizing that “the nights of me staying up all night and crying and breastfeeding … are all gone,” the 36-year-old is enjoying the last few days of exclusively nursing. “She’s just about to start with foods and all of that, so this is the last stage where it’s just her and breastmilk. I’m really trying to focus on all these moments and keep them precious, you know?” she says.

With Father’s Day fast approaching, the actress shares she may have to tweak her own attitude toward the special day — on Mother’s Day “I want my children all around me” — to suit that of her husband’s. “He might want to go play golf or go surfing or whatever it is he does,” she muses. As she awaits an answer from Jason as to what he has planned for the day, Angie laughs that there is one celebration already on the agenda: daughter Avery Grace‘s 4th birthday! A ballet recital that will be followed by a Sleeping Beauty party is sure to be a hit with Jason, Angie jokes.

Angie and Jason are also parents to oldest daughter Finley Faith, 5 ½.

— Anya with reporting by Katherine Kluznik Rentmeester