Due next Wednesday with her first child, a son she plans to name Kayden Bobby, actress-model Angie Everhart is just excited to be a mom!

After nine months of a pregnancy that’s included some ups and downs, the 39-year-old mom-to-be sounds totally prepared for her bundle of joy — and we can’t wait to meet him, either!

Angie, the new face for Palmer’s Cocoa Butter Formula anti-stretch mark products, recently spoke to CBB, answering your questions about her baby-boy-to-be.

Click below to read about Angie’s favorite (and least-favorite!) pregnant moments, her name choice and more.


CBB: Congrats on nearing your due date! How has your pregnancy been?

Angie Everhart: I’ve been really lucky.

The first three months I did have morning sickness, although it was more like morning-noon-night sickness.

But since then I’ve been fortunate to have no complications or problems, and lots of energy.

The first three months I took lots of naps and I’d never napped before in my life! But I think I’ve really had a good pregnancy.

Are there foods you’ve craved?

Egg salad! I ate my first pickle the other day. I was working, and saw it, and ate it!

I do not recommend that for a pregnant women. Burping it up, you just get pickle indigestion for the day. Not so fun!

What have been your least-favorite physical changes during pregnancy?

I have this model mentality, so the gaining of the weight has been very difficult for me.

That’s been the hardest part of the whole pregnancy. I don’t even look like myself to me.

Have you had favorite pregnant moments?

The best part is when the baby moves. He lets me know he’s there. It’s a private moment between mother and son. I can’t visualize him – I have no idea what he looks like. But I can feel him.

It’s the change of attitude that I like. It’s that protective feeling that you can’t explain unless you’re pregnant or have had a baby.

You’ve decided to name your baby Kayden Bobby, in honor of your dad, Bobby, and mom, whose middle name is Kay. Are your parents touched by the name choice?

My dad was like, “You don’t have to name him Bobby if you don’t want to!” But he really is touched. He’s the best guy I know.

What advice did your mom give you on raising a child?

She’s constantly giving me good advice. I have such a good mom. It’s been so long since she’s had a baby – I’m the youngest – so she’s kind of living it with me. Together, we have a learning curve.

You are a big pet person! Are you nervous to introduce your pets to your baby?

I have two Maltese puppies that are five months old. So they’re babies! But I’m not nervous about that. Even with my 13-year-old dog, I wouldn’t have been nervous about that. With pets, you just have to introduce them properly. I’ve always had pets, at one point I had four dogs, two cats, a bird, a turtle and a horse. Right now I have two cats and two dogs. So I’m not afraid of animals, they’re my friends.

Is there any advice you’ve received from other parents that scares you about impending motherhood?

People want to give their advice a lot! I’ve said to others, “Whatever you say, make sure you don’t give me negative advice.” I’ve been trying to keep everything positive.

What products are you excited to use with Kayden?

The natural products, like Seventh Generation diapers. Aside from that, I’m going with trial and error. I’m getting lots of advice from my parent friends, who’ve had kids for years. It’s nice – instead of having to research everything, I ask them! I have three girlfriends who have three kids each, and it’s really nice to get advice from moms.

One of my girlfriends sent me two boxes of baby clothes because she just had boy-girl twins. It took seven loads of laundry to do them! Her babies, like all babies, grew so quickly out of their clothes. So I’m like, “Woo hoo, I don’t need any baby clothes!” She is all-organic, and she does do all the healthy stuff. I’ll do what I can. I’m not going to use cloth diapers though.

And right now, you’re of course using Palmer’s.

The Palmer’s stuff really works! I didn’t get any stretch marks, and my mom had a couple she developed during pregnancy, so it really helped fend that off. That was the one thing she said to me: Make sure you use lotions on your belly and the rest of your body. I use it twice a day: morning and night. I don’t have stretch marks, not one! I will definitely use it post-baby as well, because I think that’s when it’s really going to make a difference, to help with the shrinking of the skin. What goes out must go back, or let’s hope anyway.

It’s really easy to spot in the pharmacy – the label shows a picture of a pregnant woman with stretch marks. At one point I ran out, and I couldn’t find it anywhere, so I bought something else that was so fragrant and I thought I was going to die! Palmer’s is relatively fragrance-free.

How did you pick the nursery theme, “safari rock ‘n’ roll”?

I’m kind of rock ‘n’ roll. I had an artist that came over to do some painting on the walls, and she just asked me what I wanted, and I told her I loved Van Halen. So she threw a monkey on the wall with a Van Halen guitar, and giraffe with headphones. And I was like, “Wow, this is awesome!”

I walk in the room every day and I think it’s just so cute. It added a finishing touch that was lacking. The baby will like rock ‘n’ roll – it’s definitely always playing in my house!

So let’s talk post-baby. What are your plans for losing any baby weight?

To lose the weight as quick as possible! I’ve always been a runner and an athlete and spinner, and have been in the gym.

For the last couple months I haven’t worked out because I’ve listened to my body. And I have enough pressure on my back already.

As soon as I get the go-ahead from my doctor I’ll be exercising again.


Will you go back to work?

Definitely. I’d love to work with my son eventually.

I have six weeks before I can start working out to get back in shape for work, so it gives me some really good bonding time with him.

You originally tossed around the idea of a reality show about your pregnancy. What’s going on with that?

I got started on the idea, then shied away. I wanted to keep it private, to myself.

Maybe after I have the baby and get settled, I’ll consider something.

Do you want more kids?

Well I’m 39, if I’m blessed to have another, sure. But Kayden might be my one and only, and I’m fine with that, too!